Amazon donates $300,000 to supply Israel with medical equipment

Global ecommerce company Amazon has donated $300,000 to a non-profit US organisation which is supplying medical equipment to healthcare professionals and patients in Israel during the coronavirus pandemic.

The donation by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos will be made through the Israel Healthcare Foundation, an independent US-based non-profit that seeks to improve healthcare for Israeli citizens, reported the Times of Israel.

The funds will be used to purchase masks, support systems to increase the flow of blood in the patient’s body and other equipment to save the lives of coronavirus patients, the US firm said in a statement.

CEO of Clalit, the largest of Israel’s four state-mandated health service organisations, Professor Ehud Davidson, said in a statement: “We are experiencing challenging times, like never before. We are working around the clock to treat COVID-19 patients, to protect our medical teams, and fight this virus. Amazon’s support at this critical time will help us to continue our lifesaving work.”

Earlier this year, the online retailer was accused of favouring illegal Jewish settlers in the occupied Palestinian territories over the indigenous Palestinian population, after Amazon said it would make shipping free for Palestinians if they list their country as Israel.

Palestine’s Economy Ministry threatened to sue the company for conducting business in illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank and called on it to immediately stop this blatant discriminatory delivery policy.

It later reversed its decision to charge fees to Palestinians.

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