Qatar closes public places to fight coronavirus

Qatar announced on Thursday the closure of cinemas, theatres, gyms, children’s areas and museums from Friday until further notice, as a countermeasure against the spread of the coronavirus, Al Khalij Online reported on Friday.

In a statement, reported by Al Khalij Online, the government communications office also announced halting Doha Metro and public transportation buses for three days.

The statement confirmed that these measures came as part of countermeasures taken by the state against the spread of the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the Endowment Ministry announced on Thursday directions related to increasing hygiene measures in mosques and removing anything that could lead to the increasing circulation of the virus.

It also called for worshippers who suffer from a cold, flu or any such illnesses, to abstain from mosques.

The Qatari Health Ministry called for citizens to avoid mass gatherings in public places and social events, as well as for the elderly not to leave their homes unless necessary.

The ministry announced the release of the first batch of quarantined Qataris, who were evacuated from Iran two weeks ago.

The latest statistics show the number of coronavirus cases in Qatar has reached 337, while the total cases around the world reached more than 148,051 in 130 countries, including over 5,000 deaths, mostly in China, South Korea, Italy and Iran.

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