Abu Dhabi extends movement ban for additional week

Abu Dhabi has extended a ban on movement in and out of the emirate and between its major cities by a week to further curb coronavirus infections, state news agency (WAM) reported on Monday.

The week-long ban on movement between the cities of al-Ain, al-Dhafra, and Abu Dhabi applies as of Tuesday to all residents and nationals of the emirate, the largest and wealthiest member of the United Arab Emirates federation.

This is the second time the ban has been extended since it was imposed on June 2.

Abu Dhabi residents will be allowed to move within their cities, excluding the national daily curfew hours, between 10 pm to 6 am local time.

Special permits are required for movement for employees in vital sectors, emergency medical cases, and all goods delivery and mail services, a tweet by the interior ministry said.

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the seven-member UAE federation which has recorded 42,294 coronavirus infections and 289 deaths up to June 14.

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