Saudi Arabia executes longest-serving prisoner

Saudi Arabia has executed its longest-serving prisoner on death row, the UAE-based Erem News reported.

Hadi Bin Saud Bin Kadma’s execution came in fulfilment to the Islamic Sharia-based Qisas (retaliation in kind) for an incident that dates back to 1992, when he had a fight with one of his cousins and they stabbed each other, resulting in his cousin’s death. Bin Kadma said at the time that he tried to rescue the victim by taking him to the closest medical clinic.

The Governor of Asir, Turki Bin Talal, and a number of tribal leaders visited the victim’s family shortly before the execution to plead with them to pardon Bin Kadma. But all such attempts ended in failure.

In April it was revealed that Saudi had carried out its 800th execution under the five-year reign of King Salman Bin Abdulaziz.

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