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BTS shuts down Grand Central Terminal for new song performance

The K-Pop band belted out their new bop as they used the station’s endless space to show off their best moves for the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. With around 30 backup dancers, BTS jumped and weaved with extreme ease. What we want to know is how long it took to film and how long people had to wait before they could use the terminal again.

No one can say they’re not influential when they shut down an entire terminal. Later on, Jimmy gave BTS the ultimate tour of New York by taking them on the subway – and yes, it was emptied out first.

After being asked how he feels about the US responding to their music so positively, Suga explained: ‘It never ceases to amaze me. Every day is a surprise.’ Jin quickly jumped in: ‘It’s all thanks to our ARMY. I love you, ARMY,’ before giving the camera a wink. The interview quickly turned goofy after V revealed he wanted to be a saxophonist before BTS, resulting in the boys and Jimmy yelling out the tune to George Michael’s Careless Whisper. J-Hope – who wanted to be a tennis player, by the way – couldn’t help getting up, holding onto the railings and moving his hips to the beat.

Are we sure J-Hope didn’t want to be a dance before BTS? (Picture: YouTube)

RM also revealed that one person he’d like to meet would be John Cena, and we don’t blame him. ‘He’s a big fan of us. It’s mutual, of course,’ the rapper said. ‘We were always watching WWE when we were like 13.’ Proving to be a long-time fan, the members joined RM in singing Cena’s famous WWE entrance theme song.

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