Jordan to announce any new COVID-19 measures before 2021

The Minister of State for Media Affairs and government spokesperson Ali Al-Ayed confirmed Tuesday that the government will reassess precautionary COVID-19 measures currently imposed in Jordan, and will announce any new measures before Dec. 31.

Al-Ayed stressed that it is difficult for the government to impose closures due to the related economic setbacks, indicating that the decisions taken by the government are in-depth and based on scientific foundations and expert opinions.

Al-Ayed said that the government is aware of the size of the challenges that citizens are facing due to the pandemic, and is working hard to alleviate them, adding that these crises can be turned into opportunities.

The government is striving to implement the royal directives in order to improve the lives of citizens, and to support the sectors and individuals most affected by the coronavirus pandemic, through the package of measures it launched, worth JD 320 million, he added.

He indicated that the government is looking forward to making the COVID-19 vaccine available to the general public, noting that the government is in contact with several international companies and is making every effort to obtain it.

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