Al-Hayajneh discusses Pfizer vaccine

The Secretary-General of the Ministry of Health and the Head of the Coronavirus Portfolio Wael Al-Hayajneh said the ministry is pursuing every piece of information on the Pfizer COVID-19 to ensure its efficacy prior to obtaining it.

During radio statements Thursday, Hayajneh said that the Pfizer vaccine trials had over 38,000 participants with some of them receiving a placebo.

According to studies, 84 percent of participants felt pain at the injection site, 62 percent felt general fatigue, 50 percent had a headache and 31 percentage of them developed a fever.

He pointed out that the majority of the complications which arose occured after the second dose was administered. However, no serious reactions occurred resulting in death due to the vaccine.

All deaths during vaccination trials were not related to the vaccine, but were due to other pre-existing conditions, stressed Hayajneh.

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