Jordan: Iintellectual Revolution in the Attitude To Women’s Rights

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Jordan is experiencing a wide and heated discussion on women’s rights and gender inequality. Many social media users alongside with social activists have expressed their views regarding these issues.
Social campaign began after so-called ‘’case in Jerash’’ where a husband blinded his wife by extracting her eyes with his thumbs.
Tele’al AL Ordon ( “طالعات الأردن” ) is the social media platform that stands out with their strong position on defending women’s rights. The Facebook page says, “We focus on injustice to women in our society not because we think they are the only ones who suffer. We know of many men and children who are treated unfairly in Jordan. However, according studies and our experience, women are the most oppressed members of the society who are abused and violated every day”. Amid outcry Tele’al AL Ordon recived extensive response finding both supporters and opponents. Many page visitors agree on the necessity to reject traditional idea of a woman as “an honour of the family that should be hidden”.
Political activist Leen Irshidat says, “Here, in tyranny of patriarchal culture, a woman lives in humiliation”.
Meanwhile Osama Amees presented a report to Family Protection Department as a result of his work against abuse of women’s right. According to Mr. Amees’ data, there are 15 daily cases of violence towards women.
Activists are infuriated by a comment on Jerash case made on one of Jordanian TV channels. The show woman told, ‘’ Such women should be chopped in pieces on the floor’’. Vast majority of Jordanian public feels extremely offended and appalled as these words were spoken in a cheery, mocking intonation.
Despite all the work against cases of sexual abuse, violence, and injustice towards women in Jordan, it is impossible to say that a woman here can express herself freely and independently due to traditions of local clans.

By Ahamad Al. Ghalayini

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