The Arab Theater Festival starts in Amman on Friday

With Secret Ink - Amman

The Secretary General of the Arab Theater Institute Ismail Al Abdullah revealed a programme for the twelfth session of Arab Theater Festival which will start on January 10, 2020 at the Royal Cultural Palace. The festival will present 15 theatrical performances by artists from Jordan and other Arab countries along with intellectual and artistic symposia honoring several Jordanian artists.

The press conference was held in the presence of the Secretary General of the Jordanian Ministry of Culture Hazza Al Barari and the captain of the Jordanian Artists Syndicate, Chairman of the Executive High Committee Hussein Al-Khatib.

Mr. Al Abdullah thanked His Majesty King Abdullah II for his patronage of the festival noting that royal sponsorship will give an important and positive push to the theatre project in Jordan and wider in the Arab world. The Secretary General recalled the fourth session of 2012 in Jordan calling it a ‘March watershed’ for the Arab Theatre Festival and expressed his hopes for the twelfth session “setting new March of this festival.”

The head of the Supreme Committee of the festival Hussein Al-Khatib said that the Arab Theatre Festival is one of the honors of His Highness Sheikh Sultan Bin Muhammad Al Qasimi who influenced him to move towards culture, arts, and theatre. Mr. Al-Khatib pointed out that the Jordanian Artists Syndicate cooperated with the Minister of Culture and many concerned authorities to overcome all the obstacles in creating festival infrastructure.
Mr. Al Barari in his turn emphasized that Jordan is culturally dependent on its 4 largest theaters, and therefore, they are a big part of country’s identity. “We see that Amman is not just a place, or a container for outside influences, but rather, it is a product of civilization and culture, and it is a point and a focus for artists,” he said. Mr. Al-Barari concluded his speech by confirming that the Ministry of Culture is ready to support the festival through infrastructure of the Ministry, and to help with technicians and the logistics.

At the conference dedicated to the festival Ghannam Ghannam, theatral artist, raised an issue of “the absent theoretical statement” of Arab theatre. He also expressed his belief that this year will witness the departure from the podium to the practical exercise in the theatral life.

Hassan Nafali, the administration and coordination official of the festival, told that there will be two tracks for the festival presentations. The first track will include six theater performances. The second track the award of His Highness Sheikh Sultan Al Qasimi for the best Arab theatrical work of 2019, which includes 9 theatrical performances representing 8 Arab countries. The performances will be shown in three theaters: Al-Hussein Theatre, Hani Snober Theater, Al-Shams Theater, and, one show, — in the circular theater of the Royal Cultural Centre.

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