King says ‘We want a better life for Jordan’

King Abdullah has reiterated intensified efforts to bring Palestinians and Israelis to dialogue, stressing that the two-state solution is the only way forward.

The King’s remarks came during an interview with TV channel France 24 on Sunday that covered a number of domestic, regional and international issues.

In the interview, conducted by France 24’s Marc Perelman, the King noted that the impact of regional developments has added pressure on Jordan, stressing the importance of providing opportunities for young people.

“We do want a better life for Jordan. We are stuck in a very difficult neighbourhood… the Syrian refugees have been a tremendous burden on us,” His Majesty told France 24.

“We are saving Europe tremendous amount of pressure by looking after the refugees in our country,” the King said. (See full text of the interview)

His Majesty said Jordan is strategically committed to peace, noting that “the two-state solution in my mind, and I know in the majority of European countries, is the only way forward”, and reaffirmed that “moving dialogue back between the Israelis and Palestinians is essential”.

Asked about the late Sultan Qaboos Bin Said of Oman, who passed away recently, the King said he was “known for being a neutral voice, a voice of reason and a leader that actually brought people together”.

Noting that the region has the “largest youth cohort in history”, His Majesty said youth want a great opportunity at life and stability, which requires all countries to deal with economic conditions “to give people a better life”.

The King also warned against plunging the region into further instability, underscoring that “instability in our part of the world affects Europe and the rest of the globe”.

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