Right-wing Israeli media bombs King of Jordan. Jordanian press ignores.

With Secret Ink - London - Exclusive

Israel media started an information war against Jordan with false accusations, insults, abusive statements, and demands to topple Jordanian monarch.

Despite Arab world is long used to being bedeviled and attacked by Israel, especially its neighbours, Jordan has not yet responded to provocative statements.

Some people say that official and semi-official Jordanian media are silent in order to not escalate international tensions. Others warn that these Israeli attacks, arranged and systematic, could be catastrophic for Jordan.

In an article by military expert Amos Harel published in Israeli newspaper “Ha’aretz’’, he said that “Tehran has been wishing for years to destabilize Jordan.” Likewise, the right wing of Israel has been striving for the same goal. Harel said that a partial US withdrawal from the region will help Iran increase its influence in Iraq, and later in Jordan. The military expert told that ”Donald Trump, who has done everything he could to destroy Palestine since he took the office, will help the right-winged Israelis to achieve the annexation plan by any means”. ”We must realize that overthrowing the current regime in Jordan is a necessary condition for implementing the Israeli annexation plan”, he added.

In a report published by Arabi 21 Harel stated that it requires for Israel to overthrow current Jordanian regime, leaded by Jordan’s King Abdullah II, in order to annex Area C in the occupied West Bank .

Journalist Roger Alver wrote in “Ha’aretz’’ that ”there is no solution for Israeli right wiing rather than toppling Hashmete regime”.

Israeli writer Karneh Eldad wrote: ”When West Bank is annexed, Palestinians will have to choose between staying quiet, giving up their national aspirations about whole Palestine and being expelled with their families. It will take ethnical transfers and purification”. The Israeli see it as an absolutely legitimate course of actions that do not need any justifying. Eldad asked: ‘’How openly and casually we should discuss it?’ ”What if they give up their national aspirations and stay quiet, so that we will find ourselves in minority after annexation’’, she further expressed her worry. ’’There is no benefit in planned annexing without overthrowing Jordanian regime and joining it to Palestine. …. As long as King Abdullah remains in his seat we will live in bi-national state in which Palestinian people will have righto be elected into Knesset and vote , so the only alternative is apartheid state”. She notes that ”Israeli right-wing assumes that the world prefers to sacrifice King Abdullah” to recognize Israeli apartheid state.

According to Israeli right wing ”the Hashmetes were artificially crowned by Britain , so their rule is illegitimate’’.

Alver said: ’’’The racist ego of the rights revolts the man who trusts himself, who is the King Abdullah’’. He continued : ‘’Who will dare to oppose the annexation of Jordan Valley by Israel ?” After all, it is up to Israel and its bounties, who exploit King Abdullah’s weak points, to decide on continuation of his ruling. If the king will open his mouth about the valley, Israel will shut the water tap for Jordan. Alver added that ”the goal is to insult the king and to provoke him to cancel or delay the peace agreement, so that Israel could work on removing him from ruling”. He explained that ‘’the Israeli rights hope that Jordanian spring, its protests, and demonstrations would lead to coup d’etat’’. He continues: ”When King Abdullah is shamefully removed, it will be possible to annex West Bank and to establish a confederation between the Palestinian Authority and Palestinian Jordan”.

Jordanian journalist Ramadan Rawashdeh told With Secret Ink that there is a lack of response to Israeli media in Jordanian press. He denied instructions from above to not respond or publish anything, stressing that Jordanian media is solely responsible for being silent.

Rawashdeh wrote in official Jordanian newspaper Al-Rai : ‘’ The Zionist attack is clear in terms, goals, and objectives. There is aggression towards Jordanian resistance to Netenyahu annexation project, towards Jordan condemning the annexation of Palestinian settlements that will destroy the dreams of Arab-Israeli peace, and encouraging Palestinians to raise their voices’’. In his article Rawashdeh called for closure of Jordanian internal files in order to not allow any pretext for Israel to smear Jordan. Whether those files are concerning political movements or anything else. … In order to strengthen Jordan, the next government should be formed from effective political personalities and forces, representing all the parts of social spectrum, and providing internal protection for national unity”.

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