Ship movements Jordan’s Aqaba “closely monitored”

With Secret Ink - Amman

Director General of the Jordan Maritime Commission (JMC) Muhammad Salman said the JMC closely monitors movements of all ships that come the Aqaba port, southern Jordan, whether tourist, goods, and containers vessels, 30 days before reaching the territorial waters in coordination with shipping agents.

The JMC is considering the possibility of banning a cruise ship from queuing up at the Aqaba Ports docks, scheduled to arrive on March 26th and carries 3000 tourists of various nationalities, including 700 Italian tourists, Salman said Monday in a statement.

Salman stressed that the decision will be taken as a precaution due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), especially since the cruise ship is touring a large number of countries within its tourism program, including the city of Aqaba.

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