Jordan says the country ‘clean of coronavirus’

With Secret Ink - Amman

Minister of State for Media Affairs Amjad Adaileh said that precautionary steps and measures taken by the government since the beginning of the n coronavirus crisis were successful at protecting citizens and preventing the spread of the disease in Jordan.

During two telephone interventions with “Hayat and Army FM” radio stations, the minister said Jordan is clean of this disease except for one case of a Jordanian citizen, who came from Italy, and is currently recovering.

Continuing:” We hope the person will be discharged from the hospital on Friday after completing the medical exams”.

All the steps taken by the government in this regard aim to prevent the spread of this disease, he noted, pointing to the Cabinet’s decisions taken on Tuesday to prevent travel to and from several European and Arab countries, while maintaining the truck, trade traffic with Arab countries in order not to affect the citizen or the Kingdom’s strategic stockpile.

In this regard, he said Jordan’s strategic stockpile of food and other basic materials is “very reassuring,” and meets the Kingdom’s needs for the coming months.

On the reviewing mechanism, he said: “The decisions will be reviewed periodically and perhaps every week or two in the event that the disease recedes in the countries hit by the outbreak,” citing tourism as a sector that will be affected by the travel bans.

He also said a crisis cell meets almost daily at the National Center for Security & Crisis Management (NCSCM) and high-level meetings are coordinated to be held periodically at the ministerial level.

He confirmed the decision to close schools and universities has not been not taken because the situation is “currently reassuring.”

In case a future decision is made to close schools, he said the option of distance education via the Internet will be discussed, adding, “We are mulling this option to be ready in dealing with any developments.”

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