Jordan shuts down schools, mosques, cancels all flights

Jordan goes on lockdown as a precautionary measure with no confirmed cases of coronavirus.

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Today Jordanian government announced an official plan to combat the spread of COVID-19, featuring various drastic measures to protect its citizens in the light of the global pandemic.

The work of all kindergartens, nurseries, schools, universities, colleges, training institutions and institutes is set to be suspended starting from Sunday morning, March 15. The Ministry of Education will apply the distance education plan through the Ministry’s e-learning site as of next week, and the national TV channels starting this week.

Prime Minister Omar Razzaz said that all the passenger flights to and from the Kingdom will be suspended from Tuesday, March 17, until further notice. With the exception for diplomatic missions and international organizations providing that the instructions of the Ministry of Health are strictly followed and respected, including self-quarantine.

Moreover, Jordan closes all its land and sea borders to passenger traffic. With the exception made for commercial movements.

As a precautionary and preventive measure Jordan closes all the musques and church, cinemas, sports clubs, swimming pools and youth centers, until further notice. All the upcoming sports events are delayed. Mass gatherings are banned. The government advised Jordanians to ‘commit as much as possible to staying at their homes’, to avoid going out except for absolute necessity.

The ministries, government departments, and official institutions will continue to work in a regular manner.

The private sector is promised to be protected by cooperation with the Chambers of Industry and Commerce to avoid possible economic crisis.

Also, Jordan announced establishing of several crisis teams to follow up with the developments on the outbreak around the clock, including a medical team, border monitoring teams, a strategic inventory team (medical and food provisions), and a media follow-up.

The measure listed above are told to be consistently revised and adjusted, suspended or extended, as needed.

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