PM sends message to people in quarantine

With Secret Ink - Amman

Prime Minister Omar Razzaz on Tuesday stressed that the Jordanian people will overcome the current crisis of the coronavirus with their awareness and spirit of responsibility.

In a voice message addressing people in quarantine, the PM said “I very well know how much you long to join your families…. this love must lead to a sense of responsibility”.

The Prime Minister emphasized that the government made sure all places designated for quarantine are appropriate and comfortable regardless of the cost.

The PM thanked the Jordan Armed Forces – Arab Army for its help in facilitating the arrival of passengers to the quarantine and transporting them to the designated facilities in the Dead Sea region and Amman. He also appreciated the Jordan Hotel Association’s rapid response in securing the needs of those quarantined in the Dead Sea.

Razzaz concluded his message saying, “I am fully confident that we will overcome this crisis and exceptional circumstances with your awareness and responsibility, and we all, God willing, will support each other to enjoy a homeland free from all risks”.

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