Distance learning platform goes online

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The Ministry of Education on Sunday launched a comprehensive distance learning platform to all public schools students (for grades 1-12) and two new television channels broadcasting televised lessons from the ministry’s curricula.

Minister of Education Tayseer al-Nua’imi said the “” platform will offer classes from 07:00AM to 04:00PM, urging all students to log in to the platform to catch up with their education.

Speaking at a joint press conference with other ministers, Al-Nua’imi said parents will have to maintain a close follow-up of their children, plan their classes and ensure they do their daily homework. He added that the electronic content of the platform will be backed up by classes broadcast by two JRTV-run channels (Jo Darsak 1 & 2).

The minister of education said that the electronic content of the platform was prepared in cooperation between the Education Ministry and the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship and other partners.

Al-Nua’imi underlined the importance of students following up on the platform every day, warning that the students would lose their right to browse the content if they miss one day.

With regard to international programs students, the minister said his ministry is coordinating with the concerned international institutions and bodies, including Cambridge, Oxford, Edexcel, the College Board and the International Baccalaureate, on the transition to distance learning via e-learning and TV broadcasting .

He said that the ministry asked these bodies to reschedule the exams until the students return to their schools.

Al-Nua’imi revealed that the ministry will launch a training program for teachers to enable them to harness education technology and design electronic content and means for assessing student’s performance.

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