Even-odd license plate policy will remain in place

The even-odd license plate policy will remain in place until further notice, the Minister of State for Media Affairs Amjad Adaileh has announced today.

During a press briefing at the National Center for Security and Crisis Management, Adaileh explained that the odd-even system was supposed to be canceled starting next Sunday, but the new cases recorded today prompted the government to postpone the cancellation decision.

Adaileh affirmed that the 24-hour comprehensive curfew is in place tomorrow.

“Confirming new cases in Jordan means that the danger is still there, our battle with the epidemic continues, and caution is still required,” the Minister stressed.

He mentioned that the government is considering granting more permits for humanitarian cases to move between the governorates, as the total number of granted permits could reach 5,000 per day, through the special online platform.

Adaileh added that the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship has unified access to platforms created during this crisis through a unified online portal called “One” to facilitate access to all services provided to citizens.

In line with the government’s decision to allow all economic sectors to operate, the Prime Minister, Omar Razzaz, decided to allow the Amman Stock Exchange’s to resume work as of Sunday morning, May 10, based on the recommendation of the Board of Commissioners of the Securities Commission.

The government spokesman reiterated that people at the quarantine sites should be responsible, commit to the utmost level of prevention and precaution, and appreciate the efforts made by the official authorities, the Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army (JAF) and security services for their return to the homeland and ensuring their comfort, health and safety.

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