Jordan amends Defence Order (6)

Prime Minister Omar Razzaz has issued an amendment to the Defence Order No. (6) of 2020, in accordance with the provisions of the Defence Law.

According to the amendment, the business owner has the right to lay off the employee according to Article (28) of the Labor Law.

However, the Jordanian worker has the right to file a complaint with the Ministry of Labor if the employer arbitrarily abuses his authority granted to him under Article No (28). If the worker’s complaint is proven to be correct, then the Ministry of Labor obliges the employer to return the worker to his work and pay his usual wages as if dismissal did not take place. If the business owner refuses, he will be subject to the penalties stated in the Defence Order by the competent judicial authorities.

As for non-Jordanian employees, the provisions of the labor law are applied in this regard, without any interference from the Labor Ministry, except in accordance with the law.

By the end of next week, a communique will be issued to provide more temporary protection for establishments that cannot pay any salaries for their employees as of June 1, within specific mechanisms and evidence by making amendments to Article No. (5) of the Defence Order No. (6) of 2020 regarding suspending the work of the establishments. The communique will also include incentives for establishments committed to paying its employees’ wages in full until the end of the year.

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