Jordan PM issues Defence Orders supporting tourism sector

The Prime Minister Omar Razzaz announced the Defence Orders No. (13) and (14) in a press conference this afternoon.

The Defence Order No. (13) relates to the liquidation of financial guarantees for travel and tourism agencies, at a value of JD30 million.

However, Defence Order No. (14) includes programs that protect workers in the tourism sector and bans laying off employees.

Razzaz confirmed that the tourism sector is the most affected in Jordan by the corona crisis and the whole world and all measures taken by the government will not compensate for their losses.

He noted that supporting the tourism sector is the first step towards the adjustment and recovery phase.

The Jordanian government will gradually announce sectoral packages to support sectors affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The aim is to reduce sector bleeding, minimize costs, and provide liquidity to help sectors withstand the transitional phase.

Regarding the delay in opening the airport, he said that “it’s for the greater good”. He also noted that all investments made before the pandemic are still ongoing.

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