Egyptian stunt double attacked in Istanbul

An Egyptian stunt double has been attacked by a man in Istanbul who believed him to be a Syrian refugee.

While disembarking from a bus with his family, Abdelbari Mancy was violently attacked by a man, according to Duvar, an English-language Turkish gazette, citing a report by Hürriyet daily.

The actor was traveling with his sister and sister-in-law and his 3-month-old niece. Mancy suffered a broken arm and nose and was treated for hours in hospital. Both women were hit during the attack.

The altercation began when the man shouted at Mancy, “Why are you pressing against me?” as the actor readied a stroller for his niece. After Mancy said he had not, the man yelled “Shut up or I’ll shoot you!”

Mancy replied: “I respect that you’re older, but we’re in front of my family, know your place,” after the man started punching him.

The attacker continued to verbally assault Mancy as he left the bus. This is when the Egyptian realized the attacker believed him to be a Syrian refugee.

“No person deserves this treatment. It doesn’t matter whether you’re Syrian or Egyptian, what matters is that we respect each other,” said Mancy, who arrived in Turkey two years ago and speaks Turkish fluently.

The Egyptian stunt actor has appeared in shows like “Payitaht Abdülhamid,” “The Protector,” and “Fighter.”

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