Egypt Accelerates Construction of Border Wall with Gaza

Egyptian authorities have sped up efforts to construct a wall on the border with the Gaza Strip, in an attempt to end the infiltration of extremists to and from Sinai according to official statements.

Construction began in late January as Egypt took on a series of new projects to strengthen security at the Gaza border and prevent the infiltration of terrorist and extremist threats from Gaza.

The 6-meter-high “separation wall” will extend along the border and reach five meters underground.

Once completed, the new wall will extend from the Kerem Shalom crossing to the Rafah crossing, over a distance of about two kilometers. It will measure six meters high and extend five meters underground.

The Egyptian government believes that the wall will prevent the infiltration of armed men and the construction of new cross-border tunnels in Egypt.

The announcement of the wall comes after Egyptian military revealed earlier this month “to have found a nearly three kilometer [underground] tunnel from the Gaza Strip into the heart of Rafah.”

There were no demonstrations reported within Gaza in response to the wall announcement.

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