Brutal assault and murder of 9-year-old Egyptian girl

Egypt has been left shaken by a heinous crime that sparked a wave of anger and indignation, as a young man devoid of human compassion killed his cousin, a nine-year-old girl, after she threatened to reveal that he had raped her.

The story began when the Dakahlia Security Directorate received notification from the father of Yara Ahmed Sweilem, nine, about her disappearance while she was playing in front of her house. Two days after Yara went missing, her body was found in a nearby lake.

Investigations revealed that Yara’s killer was her cousin, Ahmed, who took advantage of the fact that she trusted him and sexually assaulted her. However, when Yara threatened to reveal the incident, he beat and strangled her to death. Afterwards, he left her body in a nearby lake to cover his crime.

The security forces arrested the suspect who later confessed to his crime, before he was referred to the prosecutor’s office to initiate the investigation.

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