Egypt official warns of new COVID-19 strand that attacks digestive system

A public health expert in Egypt has warned of the continued spread of the novel coronavirus, adding that a new strand of the virus that attacks the digestive system has appeared in the country.

“The coronavirus is still there and we must be cautious. And in light of the return to schools, we have to be alert and to follow the preventive and precautionary measures,” Dr. Maysa Shawky, who teaches public health at Cairo University said in a phone interview with DMC, an Egyptian satellite TV station.

She urged Egyptians to maintain social distancing and to continue to wash their hands with soap for at at least twenty seconds.

Regarding the new strand of the virus, Shawky said that it causes severe diarrhea and dehydration, and she warned against using toilets which have not been cleaned properly with diluted chlorine.

She also advised Egyptians to wear masks, which will now be provided with food rations.

Shawky said that any person suffering from fever or a cough should wear a mask continuously, even inside their homes.

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