North Africa

Morocco rejects Egypt’s proposal of ‘unified African Force’

A vision within which African forces operate together is preferable than forming a unified African military Force, Moroccan foreign minister, Nasser Bourita, said yesterday, about a recent proposal by the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi.

“Morocco is one of the oldest African countries to participate in United Nations (UN) peacekeeping operations, including the first-ever operation in 1960,” Bourita told Russia’s Sputnik on the sidelines of the 33rd African Union (AU) Summit held in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa.

Referring to what he described as “Morocco’s previous experience in more than 15 peacekeeping operations,” the official stressed that it was better to create a “common African vision, in which each country contributes, yet with military independence.”

On Sunday, Sisi called for the establishment of an African Force tasked to fight terrorism across the continent. “I affirm Egypt is ready to host this special African summit stemming from its responsibility and believing in the importance of this proposed [force] to achieve peace and security in Africa,” Sisi was quoted during the summit’s opening speech by official Al-Ahram as saying.

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