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Haftar militias bomb near Tripoli Airport

Libyan government forces announced on Thursday that the militias of retired major general, Khalifa Haftar, targeted the residential neighbourhoods of Mitiga International Airport in the capital of Tripoli, with rocket-propelled grenades.

This came in an interview for Anadolu Agency with Mustafa Al-Majai, spokesperson for the “Volcano of Rage” operation, launched by the internationally recognised Government of National Accord (GNA), to counter Haftar’s attack on the capital.

“Haftar’s militias are still targeting neighbourhoods and civilian facilities in Tripoli,” disclosed Al-Majai, without mentioning further details about the potential human losses.

He pointed out that the bombing of the civilian neighbourhoods caused panic amongst residents, as this has continued for the seventh consecutive day.

The military information office of the “Volcano of Rage” operation announced in a statement on its official Facebook page that: “Haftar’s militias have renewed the targeting of the areas surrounding Mitiga International Airport with a number of random shells, without causing human damage.”

On Monday evening, the administration of Mitiga International Airport, located 11 kilometres away from the centre of Tripoli, announced that its air navigation had stopped after being targeted by Haftar’s militias with Grad missiles.

Flights have been suspended at the airport several times in February, due to repeated attacks by Haftar, on the airport grounds and surrounding areas.

Since 4 April, 2019, Haftar’s forces have been launching an attack to take control over Tripoli, the headquarters of the GNA, which Haftar is confronting over legitimacy and authority.

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