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Morocco closes Casablanca to contain coronavirus

The Moroccan government closed Casablanca yesterday as part of its measures to contain the spread of Covid-19, the official Moroccan News Agency has reported.

“All labour ports of Casablanca will be closed and movement to and from the city will be subject to an exceptional travel permit issued by the local authorities,” said the government on Sunday evening.

The official statement added that all educational institutions, from primary through to university level, will also close. Distance learning will be provided by all institutions. Moreover, markets will close at 3pm, cafés and shops will close at 8 pm, and restaurants will close at 9 pm under the lockdown measures.

On Sunday, Morocco announced that it had registered 2,234 new cases of Covid-19 and 32 deaths. Out of a total of 72,394 infections, 55,274 people have recovered and 1,361 have died, said the Ministry of Health.

Casablanca has been recording the highest daily coronavirus infection rate in the country for some time. It ranked first among Sunday’s recorded numbers, with 948 new infections and 12 deaths

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