Israel shuts Erez crossing in occupied Gaza

Israel has closed the Erez crossing located in the north of the besieged Gaza Strip, local media reported yesterday.

“The Erez crossing will be closed until a further announcement,” the Coordinator of Israeli Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), Kamil Abu Rukun, was quoted by local media as saying. He added that the

He added that the fishing area in Gaza would be reduced by “6 nautical miles.”

The Israeli move came in following a recent missile attack that was reported to have been fired from the occupied strip into Israel.

The head of Gaza’s fishermen union, Nizar Ayyash, told Anadolu Agency that the Israeli authorities had ordered a “reduction in the enclave’s fishing area from 15 nautical miles to 6 miles.”

On Sunday, the Israeli army said it had detected fired rockets from Gaza infiltrating the borders.

The Al-Quds Brigades – the armed wing of Islamic Jihad – later claimed responsibility for the firings. It said the missile attacks were in retaliation to recent attacks by Israel on the Gaza Strip and Syria, both of which left 3 of its members dead.

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