PLO ready to cancel all agreements with Israel if annexation plan proceeds

The PLO Executive Committee pledged on Thursday to immediately cancel all agreements with Israel should the latter proceed with implementing the annexation plan, Wafa News Agency reported.

The committee confirmed that if the Israeli government annexes any parts of the West Bank, it would immediately implement the National and Central Council’s decision to cancel all agreements with Israel.

This came during a meeting chaired by PLO, Palestinian Authority and Fatah President Mahmoud Abbas held in Ramallah.

During the meeting, Abbas stressed his “serious and unequivocal” message to the international community.

Meanwhile, the committee called on donor countries to bridge the budget deficit of the United Nations (UN) agency responsible for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA), so that it will be able to assume its responsibilities towards all Palestinian refugees at home and in the diaspora.

At the same time, the PLO rejected US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman’s statements urging the new Israeli government to expedite the annexation of the occupied West Bank.

The Palestinian leadership has condemned the US deal of the century which aims to strengthen the Israeli occupation in the occupied Palestinian West Bank, as well as reinforcing Israel’s colonialism and apartheid regime.

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