Jordanian sportswomen eye gold at Arab Women Sports Tournament

Jordanian sportswomen are determined to settle for no less than gold at the Arab Women Sports Tournament (AWST).

The tournament, organized by Sharjah Women’s Sports, runs from Sunday to Feb. 12. Sharjah is hosting 78 clubs from 18 Arab nations.

Jordan’s Fuheis Youth Club is aiming to secure the top spot in basketball, after losing the final game by one point in the previous AWST. De La Salle Club is geared up to prove its mettle in volleyball.

Hamada Sports Club will be competing in table tennis, while Al-Aryan Equestrian Club will represent Jordan in the show-jumping category.

Saqr Quraish Club’s martial artists are eager to clinch gold in karate.

Jordan’s women equestrian team has done well in recent competitions. (Supplied)

“AWST has had a significant impact on enhancing the Arab women’s sports landscape since its first edition,” said Fuheis Youth Club President Ayman Samawi.

“It’s the largest professional platform for the region’s sportswomen, and has enabled us to compete with our counterparts. The tournament’s message is that women’s sports are equally important.”

Samawi thanked AWST’s organizers for offering Arab sportswomen from 18 nations yet another opportunity to demonstrate their skills and compete in a world-class environment.

Faisal Al-Nsoor, the club’s coach, said: “Over the years AWST has crossed many milestones, honing the talents and capabilities of athletes across the Arab world by providing them with this prestigious competition platform.”

He added: “AWST has offered the region’s sportswomen a major impetus to continue perfecting their game and gain more expertise in their respective sporting disciplines. The more games against tough opponents they play, the more agility and experience they gain.”

Assistant coach Nayef Asfour said: “We’re well prepared for AWST. Our team is coming into the tournament feeling confident after their big win in the Jordanian leagues last week.”

He added: “Three new players have joined our ranks for AWST, which is the strongest tournament of its kind.”

Asfour said the team is competing without its captain, Rasha Abdo, who is indisposed due to personal circumstances.

The AWST is being organized in partnership with the UAE Sports Council, the Sharjah Sports Council and the Union of Arab National Olympic Committees.

Launched in 2012, the bi-yearly Olympics-themed women’s sports tournament hosts clubs from Arab nations.

They compete in nine sports: Karate, basketball, volleyball, fencing, show jumping, shooting, archery, athletics and table tennis.

In 2018, AWST hosted 67 women’s sports clubs from 16 Arab nations. More than 380 Arab media outlets covered the event.

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