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Opposition in Syria regains control of 9 villages in Idlib

On Sunday, Moderate Syrian opposition forces regained control over nine villages in Idlib, north-western Syria, from Al-Assad’s regime.

As part of Operation Spring Shield, the Turkish army and the moderate opposition started a military operation with heavy weapons to regain control over areas that the Syrian regime and its supporters entered in southern Idlib and the countryside of Hama Governorate, according to Anadolu Agency’s correspondent.

The moderate opposition forces started their advance overland with the support of artillery bombing of the Turkish army against targets of Al-Assad regime. The opposition managed to destroy six tanks, three 14.5 mm artilleries, three anti-armour platforms, a 23 mm cannon, two military vehicles, and twelve Pick-Up vehicles, and to neutralise at least 46 regime militias.

The correspondent indicated that, since Saturday, the moderate opposition has regained control of the villages of Al Enkawi, Al Qahira, Manara and Tell Zajran in Hama countryside, in addition to Haluba, Qoqfin, Kafr Oweid, Sfuhen and Fatterah, south of Idlib.

Earlier on Sunday, Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar announced that Operation Spring Shield against the Syrian regime forces in Idlib has started after a treacherous attack on Turkish forces on 27 February.

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