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British aid to support war victims in Syria

With Secret Ink - London

Anne Marie Trevelyan, British secretary of state for international development, announced today the introduction of a new package of 89 million pounds of aid to strengthen protection for those at increased risk of violence with the escalation of the war in Syria.

A statement issued by the ministry said that the support “will help the most distressed people at a time when the numbers of those who are forced to flee violence in north-western Syria are reaching unprecedented levels.”

The British funds will provide tents, thermal blankets, clothing, food, clean water, medical supplies, immediate clinical care, medical and legal assistance for victims of violence, and emergency educational facilities where children can be protected, in addition to supporting their families.

The statement added that the Syrian regime targeted hospitals and schools in Idlib, in violation of international humanitarian law.

“The regime continues to kill and commit atrocities against the Syrian people, attacking defenceless children in schools, and forcing countless families to cross the border toward Turkey to survive. An immediate and lasting ceasefire has to be imposed,” Trevelyan said.

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