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Syrian regime forces destroy tombs, insult the dead

Activists posted a new video on social media showing Syrian regime forces desecrating tombs in a cemetery in the countryside of Idlib, reported on Friday.

The Syrian regime forces appear in the video destroying the tombstones and insulting the dead, because they belonged to the opposition of the Syrian regime.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Basil Al-Sawadi, from the Syrian regime forces, lead a group of his comrades to the houses of his father and brothers and tormented them inside their homes.

They tore up documents and certificates and insulted his father and his brothers, as three of them had been killed by the Assad forces during the revolution.

Since the recapture of Idlib and Aleppo at the start of this year, several videos emerged showing the Assad forces desecrating tombs.

The systematic retaliatory practices of the regime forces reveal clearly the nature of the regime’s mindset and its soldiers’ behaviors throughout the brutal conflict. Regime soldiers have been committing crimes that are difficult for humanity to comprehend, and showing the world the true ugly side of Syria’s bloody conflict. This war proves that it is a war against the regime and its sick and brutal practices and oppressive apparatuses. The Syrian regime has all along been promoting that this war is a sectarianism and terrorism, whereas the truth is that this war started as a revolution and rejection of an oppressive, brutal and corrupt regime by the people of Syria.

Recently, Russia and Turkey signed a ceasefire agreement between the opposition and the Assad regime in the north of Syria, including Idlib. Assad regime forces have already breached the agreement several times.

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