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Lebanon ‘to declare state of medical emergency’

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Lebanon is said to declare ‘a state of medical emergency’ on Sunday after shutting down all public and private institutions except hospitals, pharmacies and bakeries to contain a coronavirus outbreak.

Supermarkets are planned to be working only for a few scheduled hours a day, while banks will be closed, after giving people time to secure money.

The country’s only functioning civilian airport Beirut’s Rafik Hariri International Airport will not be closed right away. However, it will be considered as an extensive measure.

The Lebanese cabinet is currently preparing for an emergency session to study a complete ban of movements. No decision has yet been reached on the matter, and it would include a few exceptions.

Lebanon’s Higher Defense Council, which includes representatives from its major security agencies such as the army and the Internal Security Forces, will also meet at 1:30 pm (11:30 GMT) on Sunday. The extraordinary measures are set to be formalised during Sunday’s meetings and are expected to last 15 days, but could be extended.

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