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Lebanese protesters call for overturn, hang effigies of Hezbollah

Protesters in Lebanon demanded the overturn of the government after disastrous explosion in the port of Beirut. The blast killed at least 160 people and injured over 6,000.

About 10,000 people gathered at Martyrs’ Square. It was the biggest and most violent protest since October. Some demonstrators stormed government ministries and the Association of Lebanese Banks.

Protesters were dispersed with teargas and rubber bullets by the riot police, which did not stop them. One policeman was killed and the Red Cross said more than 170 people were injured. At leas 142 protesters were wounded.

Many have blamed Hezbollah for the tragedy. The protesters have hung in effigy an image of Hezbollah terror chief Hassan Nasrallah outside the country’s parliament. Thousands of people shouted ““Hezbollah is a terror organization.”

Alongside cutouts of Nasrallah, protesters also hanged effigies of Lebanese President Michel Aoun and Nabih Berri, a senior Lebanese official. Mock gallows were also erected in the square outside the parliament. The hashtag #HangThem trended on social media.

Protesters move through a cloud of tear gas during a protest at Martyrs Square on August 8, 2020 in Beirut, Lebanon.
A policeman strikes a lone protester during anti-government demonstrations in Beirut, Lebanon. August 8, 2020. (Getty Images/Getty Images)

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