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Beirut port fully operational after blast

Today the newly appointed director Bassem Al Qaisi named the port of Beirut to be “100 per cent operational”.

The explosion on August 4 killed nearly 200 people, injured thousands more, levelled Beirut’s port, destroying its giant grain silos and warehouses.

The blast destroyed only four out of sixteen, which allowed the port to be fully operational for imports and exports three weeks fast forward.

Despite being operational, however, Beirut’s port remains unable to store goods.

Mr Al Qaisi told that it would take at least a year for capacity of a warehouse to return to pre-blast level.

He further explained: ”

The reasons that it will take a year is that there is a lot of foreign aid and donations which will take some time. We also have to hire contractors to build warehouses and launch tenders.”

Adding that port authorities “are really focusing on putting the port back on its feet because there is a lot of damage on the logistics buildings in the free zone and in administrative buildings. There are no warehouses for dry goods. We need a fire station and a water tank. Such issues take time.”

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