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2 die of tuberculosis in Syria regime prison

Two detainees have died of tuberculosis inside a prison run by the Syrian regime’s security forces in Raqqa governorate.

Local sources said yesterday that the two detainees died inside the Maadan prison to the east of Raqqa governorate after catching tuberculosis, pointing out that the regime’s intelligence services transferred their bodies to the city hospital where they were placed in the mortuary.

The Al-Khabur network reported that various infectious diseases, including hepatitis and tuberculosis, have spread in Syrian regime prisons in the towns of Sabkha and Maadan amid an acute shortage of health and medical care.

It noted that the Syrian regime’s intelligence services run ten detention centres in the outskirts of Raqqa governorate.

A majority of the detainees are from the city of Raqqa and the western countryside of Deir Ez-Zor who were arrested for joining the Free Syrian Army or Daesh.

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