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Newborn in London becomes the world’s youngest coronavirus victim

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A newborn baby in England has become the world’s youngest victim to test positive for coronavirus.

The child’s mother was rushed to hospital days ago with suspected pneumonia. Her test results were known after the birth, which showed to positive for COVID-19.

The pair are being treated at separate hospitals as the mother’s condition is diagnosed to be worse than the baby’s. The newborn is being treated at North Middlesex Hospital where it was born. The mother was moved to a specialized infections hospital.

After doctors learned of the mother’s positive result, the baby was tested very soon after its arrival, according to The Sun.

Now doctors are trying to establish whether the newborn contracted the virus through the womb, or during birth.

Officials have advised the pregnant women and babies are at low risk from coronavirus and are likely to only endure mild symptoms.

Unlike other infections, the mortality rate of coronavirus does not curve at both age groups, but only amongst immunocompromised individuals and the elderly.

The news comes as the UK’s infection toll soars by more than 200 in one day to around 800 with 11 fatalities in total.

Coronavirus fears are growing in the UK after Government officials warned the real number of people with the infection could be as high as 10,000. A man is pictured wearing a military gas mask on the London Underground

Scotland’s chief medical officer confirmed the latest patient had died, saying: ‘I offer my deepest sympathy to their friends and family at this difficult time’. Officials refused to release any other details.

Meanwhile the Welsh health minister revealed as many as 20,000 people could die in Wales as he suspended all non-urgent surgical procedures and outpatient appointments.

Coronavirus fears have now gripped the UK – car parks were pictured empty this morning and train stations and carriages were deserted as commuters avoided busy areas in rush hours around the country.

The mass stayaway came after the Prime Minister yesterday announced a step-change in official advice and said anyone who develops a new cough or a fever should isolate themselves at home for a week, regardless of how likely they think it is that they have the coronavirus.

Boris Johnson ramped up Number 10’s response to second phase of the Government’s coronavirus action plan but ministers refused to shut schools and delayed any rules banning large gatherings or international travel.

Officials have controversially said they are instead aiming for a policy which could see up to 40million people left to catch the virus in the hope that the country will build up a herd immunity as they recover, meaning so many people will be immune to the virus that it won’t be able to spread when it inevitably reappears in the future.

Stopping short of more dramatic measures like those which have been announced in Ireland, France and Spain has triggered a political row and former Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, and London mayor candidate Rory Stewart, said the Government needs to do more now.

Britain’s FTSE 100 economic index had a see-saw day today after a turbulent week, rising and then falling before a quick rebound this afternoon saw it nudge up 1.7 per cent before it closed at 5,324 points. Stocks and markets around the world have been battered by fears of how the coronavirus will hit the economy as millions are off work.

Europe is now the epicenter of the global virus crisis and is recording more cases every day than China did even when it was in the grip of its epidemic’s worst days, the World Health Organization announced.

And British Airways said it was fighting for survival amid the global disaster and revealed it will have to lay off staff and ground planes on a scale bigger than anything caused by 9/11 or the financial crisis in 2008.

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