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Reading terror attack: ‘He loves the Western routine,’ say ‘shocked’ family

The brother and sister of the main suspect arrested after the Reading terror attack have told Sky News how they were “shocked and surprised” when they heard the news that he is suspected of killing three men on Saturday evening.

Speaking by phone from the Libyan capital Tripoli, Mohammed Saadallah said he last spoke to his brother Khairi the night before the attacks and he said he sounded “sad and alone, maybe depressed”.

“Before he left Libya he had a mental condition after the terrible war,” he said.

“He was a helpful person, he likes to help people and he gives the old people a hand.

“He was a volunteer in a charity here in Libya and in the United Kingdom. He likes to wear fashion, Western fashion and take pictures of himself.

“He goes to the park from time to time. He’s a normal person that loves life, he loves Western fashion, clothes, loves Western routine, he likes to enjoy the pub, he likes to enjoy pictures, he likes to go to the sea.”

Forensic officers work near Forbury Gardens in Reading

Another relative, who did not want to be named but said that she was Khairi’s sister, said: “I’m not proud of what happened.

“I’m deeply sorry for the families, the victims, everything you know. And I’m really sorry for Khairi too who has suffered for all this.”

She added that her family all believe that “Khairi’s a lovely boy who loves life”.

She added: “He liked dancing, singing, smoking, drinking, you know. He’s a normal person. The family here are surprised.

“Libya is his homeland but the United Kingdom is his country.”

Speaking for the wider family, some of whom live in Oxford, Henley and Reading, Khairi’s sister said: “They are feeling really sorry. We are feeling really sorry.

“We need to think about the people who died, the victims, the families. We need to think about Khairi as a brother and how this is coming and how this is happening.”

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