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Former British PM David Cameron apologizes for Brexit

David Cameron says he’s sorry for Brexit.

In a new interview, the former British Prime Minister said he regretted his role in leading his country toward the current crisis, according to a new interview, the Associated Press reported Saturday.

“I deeply regret the outcome and accept that my approach failed,” he said. “The decisions I took contributed to that failure. I failed.”

Cameron added that he considers the fallout from Brexit “every single day,” and laced into his own party for running with the issue in the run-up to Britain’s vote to leave the European Union.

They “left the truth at home,” he said of former allies, including the nation’s current leader Boris Johnson.

As Prime Minister, Cameron, under pressure from hard liners in his party, set in motion the national referendum on whether Great Britain should leave the European Union. Cameron resigned in June 2016, just one day after the country voted in favor of Brexit.

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