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Scottish Christmas ‘should be kept to eight people’

Christmas “bubbles” of three households in Scotland should contain no more than eight people, the Scottish government has said.

The rule is part of the government’s guidance for Christmas which temporarily relaxes some Covid-19 restrictions for five days.

Children under the age of 12 will not count towards the total number of people in the bubble.

The easing of Covid rules will apply across the UK between 23-27 December.

A UK-wide deal was agreed on Tuesday to permit people to meet up in “bubbles” over the festive period.

Travel restrictions will be lifted across all four nations to allow people to visit close friends and relatives.

But Nicola Sturgeon has that said the “default advice” and “safest position” was still that people should avoid contact.

The guidance states that the “safest way to spend Christmas and the festive period is to stay within your own household, in your own home and your own local area”.

It adds: “Wherever possible you should keep in touch with friends and family members from other households through technology – or, if you decide to meet in person, you should minimise the numbers and duration, and if possible meet out of doors.

“Consider a Christmas walk with family, rather than a meal indoors.”

Single households should not travel in or out of level three or level four areas to stay in tourist accommodation

Although three households will be allowed to meet indoors and stay overnight in the same home, the Scottish government says a two-metre distance should be kept between people from different households.

However, children under 12 will be exempt from the physical distancing rules.

Other guidance for different households staying in the same home includes:

  • Avoiding sharing cutlery or crockery
  • Washing your hands frequently
  • Cleaning “touch points” regularly, such as door handles and surface

Doors and windows should also be opened to let in as much fresh air as possible during and after visits.

Christmas bubbles in Scotland can only gather in a private home, outdoors or at a place of worship.

They will not be allowed to visit pubs, restaurants or go to shops together and staying in tourist accommodation as a group is banned as well.

Single households should also not travel in or out of level three or level four areas in Scotland to use tourist accommodation, the guidance says.

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