Fouad Al-Hashem: Soleimani offered to decimate the Iraqi revolution

With Secret Ink - Amman - Exclusive

Kuwaiti writer Fouad Al-Hashem gave an exclusive interview to the Amman office of ARABSKY.

He told to our editor-in-chief Jihad Abu Baydar about the USA plans for ”sucking out” Gulf oil under the pretext of defending its countries.

The Kuwaiti writer described the Muslim Brotherhood as ”the cancerous tumor on the body of the Arab world’, and said in response to ARABSKY questions that “there are Arabs who stand with Israel in the Zionist Cold War against Jordan and Jordanian King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein”.

Mr. Al-Hashem said to ARABSKY that America was able to destroy Arab armies one by one starting with the invasion of Iraq, followed by the Yemeni and Syrian armies that had been already exhausted by the internal war, and now, he says, it is turn for Egyptian army in Libya.

Read the full interview in Arabic

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