Rain in Australia brings some relief from bushfires

Rains in Australia have been a welcome relief as the nation had been desperately waiting for these showers. Moreover, these showers have been the most that the country has seen in several months.

As per the weather forecast, more rainfall is expected around the weekend, mostly in New South Wales as well as Queensland. However, these thunderstorms could miss out on some of the areas which are under the bushfire realm.

Over two inches of rains were seen on Wednesday as well as Thursday. Meanwhile, a few other areas observed just a little bit of rain. Hailstorm and damaging winds have also been seen in a few areas.

Rains have been quite heavy over Melbourne with some parts observing hefty 44 mm of rains in just 30 minutes wherein St. Albans saw 54 mm of rainfall during the same time. Wind gusts reached up to 110 kmph.

Rainfall has caused some benefit, however, 82 fires continue to burn and 30 have still not contained. Victoria had some dozens of fires burning as well. After the rains, due to the ground being soft, even the trees which have been burnt may not hold and topple down.

Even then, a glimmer of hope comes in the form of likelihood of rains in many parts of Australia which may provide further relief. In fact, while the rains will not put out all the fires, but it will definitely bring in more relief for the residents and firefighters.

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