Netanyahu Claims Facebook Biased Against Likud

The PM's Facebook bot was suspended twice during September's election for violations. Other rightists have also accused Facebook of cracking down on their accounts in recent months.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday to complain about the work of the social media platform saying that it was biased against his Likud party in the recent elections.

Ahead of the latest general election in September, 2019, Facebook halted twice the Likud’s activity on its platform after the party allegedly published polls against Israeli law and sent messages to voters saying, “the Arabs want to destroy us all,” according to Haaretz.

In addition, in the last few months, figures in the Israeli right have argued that Facebook customarily blocks more accounts of people identified with the right as opposed to people who identify with the left.

The conversation between the entrepreneur and the veteran politician, which was reportedly initiated by the Israeli premier, focused on Netanyahu’s request for “fairness and equality” by Facebook, Haaretz said, citing unnamed sources informed of the phone call.

The sources further noted that Zuckerberg did not respond to the claims raised by Netayahu but said that Facebook would be alert of the situation.

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