Turkey accuses UAE of causing chaos using Dahlan

Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu accused on Sunday the United Arab Emirates (UAE) of seeking to sabotage Turkey and create chaos within it.

“Abu Dhabi is seeking to create a state of confusion and disorder so as to sabotage Turkey,” announced the Turkish minister in an interview aired on Al Jazeera TV channel.

Soylu also pointed out that Mohammed Dahlan, a former leader of the Palestinian Fatah movement, and who is currently a security adviser to Abu Dhabi crown prince, Mohammed Bin Zayed, is: “A person who seeks to create disorder and we are dealing with him as a terrorist.”

Turkey has previously accused the UAE of spending $3 billion in support of a failed coup that erupted in June 2016.

In November of last year, Turkey issued a red warrant against Dahlan for his role in the failed military coup attempt, and his relationship with the Gülen movement accused of terrorism, and allocated a financial reward for those who provide information to help with his arrest.

Turkish TV channel TRT quoted unnamed sources as stating that the Turkish authorities have allocated a financial reward of four million Turkish liras ($700,000) in exchange for Dahlan’s arrest, or contributing to his arrest.

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