6 die in Italy prison riot over anti-coronavirus measures

Inmates broke into pharmacy, overdosed on drugs, Italian media reports say

Six inmates protesting against Covid-19 containment measures at a northern Italian prison have died after they broke into the infirmary and overdosed on methadone, police have said.

The protest on Sunday in Modena was among the first of more than two dozen riots at Italy’s overcrowded lock-ups that grew on Monday.

Human rights advocates have warned that increasing tensions over fears of coronavirus are hitting inmates particularly hard, especially after restrictions were imposed on family visits to prevent transmissions.

Around 60 protesters set fire to the prison in Modena, in the north of the country, during an uprising that went on for hours, according to officials.

Authorities say protests have since broken out in 27 jails against restrictions imposed to tackle the coronavirus outbreak after the government locked down northern Italy on Sunday, placing up to 16 million people in quarantine.

The trouble began in Modena, near Bologna, when inmates were told that visits were being suspended. Army soldiers and Carabinieri officers surrounded the prison to prevent prisoners from escaping into the town.

At the San Vittore prison in Milan, inmates climbed onto the roof of the facility, setting ablaze one of the six wings.

About 20 prisoners broke out of prison in Foggia in the south, along with another 32 who were quickly recaptured.

The Modena revolt started at about 2pm local time on Sunday after prisoners were told that the government’s emergency coronavirus decree banned family and friends from visiting.

It’s thought that at least two of the dead were killed by drug overdoses.

Inmates hang on to bars behind windows of a wing as they protest at San Vittore prison in Milan. (Miguel Medina/AFP)

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