Mexico’s Coronavirus death surpasses 30000

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Mexico has officially become the country with the fifth-highest death toll since the coronavirus outbreak began, overcoming France on Saturday.

The total number of confirmed infections in Mexico is 251,165, that is on par with Spain, the eighth highest caseload.

Many believe that the official number does not reflect the actual scope of fatalities and infections due to insufficient testing.

Despite the surge in Covid-19 cases and its death toll, Mexican government continues to lift restrictions according to a phased plan announced in May.

Most of the Mexican economy was stopped from 23 March, with a few exceptions for declared key industries.

By mid-Jun hundreds of thousands of factory workers returned to their jobs in Mexico City.

At the start of July several non-essential businesses reopened in the capital.

Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador was critisized by the public for setting restrictions to slow and lifting them up too soon.

Mexico’s Deputy Health Minister, Hugo Lopez-Gatell, said coronavirus deaths could rise if the country opens up its economy too soon.

“As we’re in an active epidemic, the risk is that as we try to reopen social activities… we may have more infections and the transmission could be maintained or increase,” the minister told a news conference.

However, after months without any income, some people in Mexican epicenter of the pandemic grow desperate.

About 200 street vendors blocked several major avenues in downtown Mexico City on Saturday to protest against the lockdown. They carried signs and chanted slogans, saying they are no longer able to bear the shutdown.

Mayor of Mexico City Claudia Sheinbaum later on imposed a two-day suspension of non-essential business in parts of the capital to reevaluate the crises-management strategy.

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