Russia says it prevented Daesh attack in Moscow

The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) yesterday said it had thwarted a “terrorist” attack planned by Daesh in the Moscow region, local media reported.

“Russia’s FSB forces have thwarted the activities of a cross-regional ISIS [Daesh] cell intended to conduct subversive terror attacks in the Moscow region,” FSB said in a statement, adding that a member of the cell who is a citizen of a Central Asian country has been arrested in the Vladimir district adjacent to the Moscow region.

According to the statement, “an explosive device was found in the extremists’ places of residence, in addition to other materials and documents.” The cell had also sought to recruit and collect money for terrorists.

Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed, earlier, that the number of terrorist crimes in the country has been declining, explaining that last year only four such crimes were recorded and 34 were thwarted.

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